The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Men

Hormones in Our Lives
Hormones are very important in our bodies as they serve a special role in our system’s daily routine. Our hormones are sending chemical messages in our bodies that are responsible for complex processes like growth and development, metabolism, reproduction, etc. This is essential as they make things possible in our lives. These hormones could manage our immune and reproductive system. They could also affect our emotions and feelings. All the changes that are happening in our bodies are mainly due to the hormones acting inside our bodies.

All about Testosterone
An example of a hormone that commonly present in our body is the testosterone and it is frequently found in men. It is a sex hormone in which handles all the changes happening in men such as Adam’s apple formation, pubic hairs and other hairs in our bodies, fat distribution, fertility, sex drive and more. Moreover, it aids in the sperm’s maturity through time. Thus, frequent changes that are happening with our testosterone could provide subtle or a much larger change that we could be having in the future.

Effects of Low Testosterone Levels
As I have said above, changes could be happening relative to the hormonal levels that we are having. Below listed are some effects of low testosterone levels in our bodies.

  • It could decrease one’s sex drive and it may result in erectile dysfunction as well. Moreover, there could be a possibility that could decrease your capability to make someone pregnant.
  • Your body fat might increase and hairs all over your body could fade from time to time.
  • Loss of muscles and strength are also possible.
  • A sudden change of mood and emotions could happen.

However, there are some supplements available in the market that you could try to boost your testosterone level. You may try using testogen and see the results at first-hand.

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